Toll free and "shared-cost" numbers rates

Here you can find the price per minute (in USD) that is charged to the customer when receiving calls on the toll free and shared cost numbers. If the calls are forwarded to a PSTN destination, you have to add the forwarding rates

  • No connection fee is applied
  • If "Reject Call" is true, the call is rejected when is originated from the specified source
  • If a prefix number is specified in the "shared cost" column, the call is not completely free for the customer. The rates for the caller depends on the operator that is used to do the call. These numbers are named "shared cost" in the DID order menu list.


Country Source Shared cost
USD per minute Reject Calls
Argentina Mobile no 0.21 false
Argentina Fixed no 0.21 false
Australia Mobile yes (611300) 0.042 false
Australia Fixed yes (611300) 0.042 false
Australia Mobile no 0.052 false
Australia Fixed no 0.052 false
Austria Fixed no 0.108 false
Austria Mobile no 0.336 true
Bahrain Payphone no 0.078 false
Bahrain Fixed no 0.078 false
Bahrain Mobile no 0.078 false
Belgium Fixed no 0.12 false
Belgium Mobile no 0.54 true
Bolivia Fixed no 0.287 false
Bolivia Mobile no 0.287 false
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile no 0.288 false
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fixed no 0.288 false
Brazil Fixed no 0.156 false
Brazil Mobile no 0.324 false
Bulgaria Fixed no 0.084 false
Bulgaria Mobile no 0.204 true
Canada Mobile no 0.031 false
Canada Fixed no 0.031 false
Chile Mobile no 0.096 false
Chile Fixed no 0.096 false
China Mobile no 0.168 false
China Fixed no 0.168 false
China Mobile yes (864008) 0.3 false
China Fixed yes (864008) 0.3 false
Colombia Fixed no 0.19 false
Colombia Mobile no 0.19 false
Costa Rica Fixed no 0.048 false
Costa Rica Mobile no 0.096 false
Croatia Payphone no 0.071 false
Croatia Fixed no 0.071 false
Croatia Mobile no 0.288 true
Cyprus Fixed no 0.046 false
Cyprus Mobile no 0.062 false
Czech Republic Fixed no 0.06 false
Czech Republic Payphone no 0.06 false
Czech Republic Mobile no 0.24 true
Denmark Fixed no 0.026 false
Denmark Mobile no 0.294 false
Denmark Payphone no 0.372 true
Ecuador Fixed no 0.36 false
Ecuador Mobile no 0.36 false
Estonia Fixed no 0.066 false
Estonia Mobile no 0.624 true
Finland Fixed no 0.132 false
Finland Mobile no 0.204 true
France Fixed no 0.066 false
France Mobile no 0.066 false
Georgia Fixed no 0.078 false
Georgia Mobile no 0.138 false
Germany Mobile yes (4932) 0.036 false
Germany Fixed yes (4932) 0.036 false
Germany Fixed no 0.049 false
Germany Mobile no 0.204 true
Hong Kong Fixed no 0.054 false
Hong Kong Mobile no 0.054 false
Iceland Mobile no 0.144 false
Iceland Fixed no 0.144 false
India Mobile no 0.204 false
India Fixed no 0.204 false
Indonesia Mobile no 0.24 false
Indonesia Fixed no 0.24 false
Ireland Fixed yes (3531890) 0 false
Ireland Fixed no 0.054 false
Ireland Mobile yes (3531890) 0.12 false
Ireland Mobile no 0.684 true
Israel Fixed no 0.054 false
Israel Payphone no 0.054 false
Israel Mobile no 0.054 false
Italy Fixed no 0.043 false
Italy Payphone no 0.336 true
Italy Mobile no 0.444 true
Japan Fixed no 0.144 false
Japan Mobile no 0.348 true
Lithuania Fixed no 0.066 false
Lithuania Mobile no 0.078 false
Luxembourg Fixed no 0.056 false
Luxembourg Mobile no 0.228 true
Luxembourg Payphone no 0.366 true
Malaysia Fixed no 0.132 false
Malaysia Mobile no 0.132 false
Mexico Payphone no 0.083 false
Mexico Fixed no 0.083 false
Mexico Mobile no 0.083 false
Monaco Fixed yes (377800) 0.114 false
Monaco Mobile yes (377800) 0.114 false
Netherlands Fixed no 0.072 false
Netherlands Mobile no 0.348 true
Netherlands Payphone no 0.348 true
New Zealand Fixed no 0.066 false
New Zealand Mobile no 0.204 true
Norway Fixed no 0.046 false
Norway Payphone no 0.046 false
Norway Mobile no 0.046 false
Panama Payphone no 0.05 false
Panama Fixed no 0.05 false
Panama Mobile no 0.05 false
Peru Fixed no 0.198 false
Peru Payphone no 0.198 false
Peru Mobile no 0.198 false
Poland Fixed no 0.071 false
Poland Mobile no 0.126 false
Portugal Payphone no 0.059 false
Portugal Fixed no 0.059 false
Portugal Mobile no 0.282 true
Romania Fixed no 0.083 false
Romania Payphone no 0.156 true
Romania Mobile no 0.186 true
Russian Federation Payphone no 0.18 false
Russian Federation Mobile no 0.18 false
Russian Federation Fixed no 0.18 false
Serbia Fixed no 0.12 false
Serbia Mobile no 0.204 true
Singapore Fixed no 0.12 false
Singapore Mobile no 0.12 false
Slovakia Fixed no 0.107 false
Slovakia Mobile no 0.216 true
Spain Fixed no 0.032 false
Spain Mobile no 0.492 true
Sweden Fixed no 0.06 false
Sweden Mobile no 0.156 true
Switzerland Fixed no 0.138 false
Switzerland Mobile no 0.276 true
Thailand Fixed no 0.276 false
Thailand Mobile no 0.276 false
United Arab Emirates Mobile no 0.42 false
United Arab Emirates Fixed no 0.42 false
United Kingdom Fixed no 0.042 false
United Kingdom Mobile no 0.066 false
United States Mobile yes (1808) 0.024 false
United States Fixed yes (1808) 0.024 false
United States Fixed no 0.026 false
United States Mobile no 0.026 false
United States Mobile yes (1907) 0.038 false
United States Fixed yes (1907) 0.038 false
Uruguay Mobile no 0.258 false
Uruguay Fixed no 0.258 false
Venezuela Fixed no 0.066 false
Venezuela Mobile no 0.078 false



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